The University is provided with a 3nd-Category Radioactive Installation authorised by the Directorate-General for Industry and Energy, with reference IRA 2166.

Its aim is that of ensuring that all activities are carried out with optimal security and protection for both the staff, materials and environment, and always within the established regulations in force.

To this end, the University of Alicante has considered convenient to join, from the standpoint of administration and management, all equipment and laboratories classified as radioactive facilities, providing the means, facilities, equipment and adequate personnel.



  • Esperanza Gascó Botebol. Technician.  Tlf. 965903400 Ext. 1244. E-mail:



    • Administrative procedures with competent bodies and public administrations.
    • Administrative procedures for qualifying the staff.
    • Control and monitoring of dosimetry and medical surveillance of staff in coordination with the Service of Prevention.
    • Assessment of radiological hazards and requeriments of new practices or adequacy of the existing ones.
    • Development of radiation protection procedures.
    • Technical advice on radiation protection to users.
    • Radiological inspection at the premises.
    • Control of radioactive waste: administrative procedures and supervision of the radioactive waste management.



      Both the staff working at the premises and users themselves must know and follow the internal rules related to:





      Article 8 bis. Communication of deficiencies of Royal Decree 35/2008 of 18 January, amending the regulation on nuclear and radioactive facilities RD 1836 / 1999, establishes the following:

      "In accordance with article 13 of the Act 15/1980 of 22 April, creation of the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, for the purpose of the duty of persons in the service of nuclear and radioactive installations put into knowledge holders of any fact that may affect the safe operation of the same or to radiation protection:

      to) the holder shall establish a procedure to ensure that all staff of the Organization of the installation, as well as that of contracted companies and the external ones who render their services in the same holder those deficiencies or dysfunctions which, according to the correspondent, could affect nuclear safety or radiation protection..."

      In pursuance of that article, radioactive installation IRA 2166 of the University of Alicante has enabled the following communications mailbox.

      Any notices not related to this purpose the same e-mail address may be used without reference in the body issue: notification of communications of wrath 2166


      Service hours

      Mornings: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm

      Afternoons: ask the staff