• The fine-tuning of analytical methodology shall be carried out according to the price list or, failing this, in consultation with the person responsible for the corresponding technique.

  • For those techniques in which costs are charged based on the time invested, the minimum charge per request shall be that corresponding to one hour, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

  • Only those tests that fail as a result of problems associated with the incorrect functioning of the analytical instrumentation shall not be invoiced.

  • When standards are required that are not available from the Research Technical Services, the cost of such standards shall be included in the price.

  • For analytical techniques, the obtaining of secondary data as a result of treatment/processing of primary data shall be charged separately, unless it is a specific determination so stated in the rates or unless expressly indicated otherwise.



  • Users belonging to the University of Alicante (Group A)

  • Spanish public universities and CSIC1 centres and institutes: 50% of the external rate, VAT not included (Group B).

  • Other public research centres and non-profit organisations: 55 % external rate, VAT not included (Group B1)

  • Companies: 100 % external fee, VAT not included (Group C)

  • Companies linked to the Alicante Science Park, UA TBCs and non-TBCs (according to Annex I "Services offered" of the service provision contract signed between the companies and the UA).



Document with the SSTTI2 2021 rate types (approved by the UA Social Council on 21 December 2020)


1 CSIC: Spanish National Research Council

2 SSTTI: Research Support Services


Technical characterizing or showing skill in or specialized knowledge of applied arts and sciences More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)