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In the transmission electron microscope a thin sample is irradiated with an electron beam of 200 keV. Part of these electrons are transmitted, other are scattered and some of them result in interactions that produce different phenomena such as light emission, secondary and Auger electrons, X rays, etc. The transmission electron microscope uses the transmission/scattering of the electrons to form images, the diffraction of the electrons to obtain information about the crystal structure and the emission of characteristic X-rays to determine the elemental composition of the sample.


To produce the transmission of the electrons through the sample, it has to be thin, that is, transparent to the electrons. It is recommended not to use samples thicker than 100 nm because the quality of the images obtained is better with thinner samples.


There are many applications of the technique both in materials science and biomedical science.

It is possible to determine the morphology of the sample: the size and the position of the microcrystals or the particles observed; also the crystallography: the position of the crystal planes, the study of the defects, etc; as well as the chemical composition of the material.



This microscope is equipped with an X-ray detector OXFORD INCA Energy TEM 100 for microanalysis (EDS).

The acquisition of the images is made by means of a digital camera GATAN ORIUS SC600 mounted on-axis, integrated with the program GATAN DigitalMicrograph 1.80.70 for GMS 1.8.0.

tem 1

 Co-financed by the ERDF 2000-2006 POICV .



It has a four grids holder which saves time when changing samples. The controls are very simple and the functions are much automated allowing using this TEM in self-use mode.


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 Co-financed by 80% by the ERDF 2007-2013 of the Comunitat Valenciana and 20% by the Generalitat Valenciana





- Ultramicrotome RMC MTXL with cryo unit.

- Metallizer/Evaporator Balzers MED 020

- Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) GATAN 691.

- Electrolytic polishing system STRUERS Tenupol-5.

- Disc cutting STRUERS Accutom-5.


Samples requirements