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The University of Alicante's Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant was built in 1996 and started its operation in January 1997.

The Desalination Plant is located near the "Bosque Ilustrado", next to  the ships of workshop and pilot plants.

Since its starting, the water produced has been earmarked for the irrigation of the on-campus green areas. At the same time, the Plant is involved in the training of postgraduates, technicians, etc and is visited by different university and external groups.

The Desalination Plant is supplied with brackish water from an aquifer  located at the University. The feed water has a conductivity of approximately 6,000 µS/cm. Desalination is carried out through reverse osmosis.

The plant has a production capacity of 450 m³ / day, with a recovery of 72%.


planta potabilizadora



This Plant provides the University with the following services:

These demonstrations and visits will be arranged with María Fernanda Chillón, the person responsible for the Water Treatment Plant, before sending the applications.



The water treatment line has the following available:

- Pumping of contribution

- Dosing of acid

- Dosing of sodium hypochlorite

- Dosing of antiscalant

- Silex filters

- Cartridge Filters

- Dosing of bisulphite

Membranes of ósmosis

- Dosing of sodium hypochlorite.

- Dosing of calcium hydroxide.

- Product water tank and pumping.


The water is sent from the tank to a regulation lake with ornamental purposes, from which it is pumped by the irrigation system to the on-campus green areas.

The control of the Plant operation, as well as the starting, stopping of it and cleaning of the filters is done through PLC distributed control from the computer.






Service open hours and location

Monday to Friday from 9 am  to 2 pm

Area for Industrial Experimentation and Services


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